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Ancient Chinese Relics Exhibition is about to be Present
The address of the exhibition is locate at Delta Chelsea Hotel (Churchill Ballroom),

33 Gerrard Street West. Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1Z4.

June 28th, 2009---July 5th, 2009,10:00am-10:00pm

Adults (18+): $11.99 + tax
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About five thousand year or so, sexual worship of totem of art, full of flavor through east and west, sexual health and skills of science, interested customs

Named as "five thousand years to the first show" in China, the Ancient Chinese Sex Relics Exhibition has been on display and attracted a great response in more than 30 cities in China, Germany, Australia, Netherlands and other countries. Listed as one of main events of Pride Week In Toronto 2009, the Ancient Chinese Sex Relic Exhibition will be held from June 28th ,2009 to July 5th ,2009 in Grand Delta Hotel in Toronto. This exhibition is the first time held in North American, which is far-reaching.

The display has a whole span of 5 thousand years, showing jade, bronze ware, woodcarving, brick, ceramics and other artifacts of more than 500 pieces and 100 pieces of erotic painting; they generally reflect the ancient Chinese cultural context and the overall for of expression, completely record the human cultural development process, and lively show the audience a variety of ancient Chinese culture. Exhibits include virilia worship stone, erotic art of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Chunqian of brothels; they also include the earliest female sex education, such as glory-box, painted dowry, pottery Mixi, jade of 12 sex position; there are also saddle instruments of torture used to punish women for adultery. Among the ancient relics as the theme of worship, there are penises made both by mud before 3000 years ago and by copper, by porcelain, by jade, by stone. There are also five golden figure of Buddha only dedicated in Tibet temple, which showing the men and women simultaneously cultivating in different methods of Tantric attitude according to a religious doctrine.

In over 3,000 years ago,Chinese people began to study summary of the Couple's sex life skills and knowledge, the writing is very rich.
The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, SuNv Jin, YuanYang esoterica, ZiGui Secret book are Room art literature will also publicly display. In ancient china, before getting married, both parents will find out erotic painting at the bottom of the case, even the erotic booklet to the children, much more vivid than words of erotic map is the most useful way to educate the sex, to avoid lose the bride and groom head at the wedding night. The 100 of the Chinese ancient erotic painting (65cm x 65cm), and also 10m long scrolls of erotic apainting (600cm x 35cm), use sex education, sex health, homosexual as the theme, very well to performance of the ancient Chinese custom of sex, Sexual taste and Sex appeal, has very high price and Social value and artistic value.

The earliest record of Chinese homosexuality can be traced back to 3500 years ago. Qing Dynasty scholar, Ji Yun (1724-1805), thought that the Yellow Emperor (BC 2718 – BC 2597) is the ancestor of Nanfeng, then homosexuality can be traced back to the beginning of Chinese culture. The story of “Duanxiu” and “Longyang” is the second form of address of “Nanfeng”(male homosexuality). The first love story of lesbian can be traced back to the Xihan Dynasty (BC 202 – 8). That two lady-in-waiting get married on their own betrothed is called “Duishi”, which means female homosexuality later on. The display of the two-headed penis, which is excavated in the princely tomb of Han Dynasty, confirms that lesbian existed at that time. By the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the book and picture behaving Duishi thrived. There were many female erotic figure homosexual or bisexual sex pictures promoting young girls touching off. The fake penis made by bronze, wood or ivory called “Mr. Silent” (dumb husband), or “Mr. Jiao”, or “Personnel of Guangdong” (Guangdong Love) and so on.

Ancient Chinese Sex Relics exhibition, increase the history of the Pride Week and Multicultural color. This is a very rare art appreciation, an opportunity of observe and study of the humanistic. It is reported that this exhibition will be make an itinerant exhibition in Vancouver, Montréal, Ottawa and United States, such as: New York, Los Angles and so on. All exhibits provided by Chinese Sex Museum, Toronto Sex Museum, Toronto Pride Week, World Communities Development Alliance and all those institutions are the main organizer of this exhibition.

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